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Equipment Used for Professional Flood Clean-Up

Are you curious about what the restoration process entails? If you’re facing significant water damage on your property, you’d probably like to know what equipment the pros use during their flood clean-up services in Draper, UT. Summit Restoration, LLC, gives you an insider’s view of the tools our team might bring to restore your property. 

#1. Moisture Detectors

These small devices allow restoration technicians to measure humidity and moisture levels in any room. The technician will use them during the initial inspection following the mitigation process. Mitigation involves removing as much flood water as possible. 

After pumping the water, the technicians can accurately determine the damage’s severity using handheld moisture meters. Rooms and building materials registering a higher moisture percentage might need complete restoration. Areas with lower levels may need to dry out a little longer. 

#2. Sanitizing Formulas

After removing the excess water, the cleanup crew will thoroughly cleanse each surface with industry-leading sanitizers. They have products that work well with various materials. A technician can use these formulas to sanitize countertops, floors, walls, and other structures. 

These products prevent bacteria and viruses from surviving on commonly used surfaces. They protect you and your family from potentially fatal diseases. 

#3. Water Extractors

These large, bulky machines resemble an industrial vacuum or floor polisher. As their name implies, water extractors suck up large quantities of water from a flooded area. They are essential to the mitigation process as they allow technicians to safely and quickly remove stagnant water.

When water stagnates in one area, it becomes a breeding ground for various pathogens. It also worsens your property damage. A water extractor will make quick work of puddles and pools, preventing further damage from developing. 

#4. Air Movers

After an indoor water damage event, the closed areas become incredibly humid. High humidity levels and moisture allow mold to proliferate. Consistent air circulation prevents a flooded room from becoming a stagnant, swampy environment. 

Air movers rapidly circulate air out of the windows and doors or toward dehumidifiers. They constantly move evaporated moisture out of the area. The movement prevents the moisture from settling into various building materials.  

#5. Dehumidifiers

The ideal humidity levels for an indoor environment range between 30% and 50%. When humidity rises above those percentages, it creates a conducive environment for mold infestations. Dehumidifiers remove humidity from the air, bringing the humidity level down to 30%. 

A dehumidifier draws damp air inside. After its coils remove the moisture, the appliance returns the air into the environment. These tools are essential to flood clean-up services

#6. Air Scrubbers

A significant flood event damages building materials. As the water soaks into various structures and belongings, the materials loosen up and erode. When these materials dry out, they can be small and light enough to become airborne. 

You might breathe in these particulates, which can trigger respiratory issues, inflammatory responses, and allergic reactions in some people. Air scrubbers permanently take those particles out of circulation. They can also remove mold spores and other pollutants from the indoor environment. You’ll breathe fresher, higher-quality air and avoid inflammation and allergy triggers. 

#7. Air Purifiers

Some people confuse air scrubbers with purifiers. However, they differ in that the scrubber removes tiny but solid particles while a purifier eliminates invisible microbes. Technicians use purifiers to prevent property owners from contracting illnesses. 

Some flood events involve gray or black water. These water types contain waste materials like sewage or drained water. These waste materials may contain bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. 

Once the water introduces the pathogens into an indoor environment, the occupants can contract the diseases and become seriously ill. An air purifier will collect and kill the microbes before recirculating the air back into the room. 

Choose Reputable Flood Clean-Up Services From Summit Restoration, LLC 

At Summit Restoration, LLC, our technicians use various pieces of industry-leading restoration equipment throughout our flood clean-up services. These modern tools empower us to return your home or business to its original state. Call 385-469-2638 for professional assistance available 24/7.

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