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Common Types of Mold Found in Draper, UT Homes

There are well over 100,000 different types of mold that can be found throughout the world. As a result, it is a common household problem that many homeowners find themselves dealing with at some point in their lives. 

However, many people don’t know how to tell the difference between one variety of mold and another. They may assume that the mold in their home is relatively harmless, but there are many varieties that are more than just a cosmetic issue. Mold can have a number of effects on both pet and human health.

For that reason and many more, it’s important that homeowners learn how to identify some of the most common types of mold in their area. When they hire a professional for mold removal, Draper, Utah customers can learn more about the type of mold in their homes. The following are just a few of the most common types they might find.

Do Homeowners in Utah Need to Worry About Mold?

Many people know that mold thrives in warm, moist environments. Therefore, they associate household mold problems with states like Florida. Homeowners in Utah mistakenly believe that they never have to worry about mold because the climate is so dry. However, it doesn’t take much moisture for mold to start growing.

There are many instances where minor water damage problems can lead to mold growth. Even a humidifier used to combat dryness can lead to a mold issue. Bathrooms and basements are other problem areas that most Utah homeowners should check regularly for any signs of mold.

What Types of Mold Should Utah Homeowners Look For?

Since there is always a risk of mold growth, it’s important that Utah homeowners recognize some of the most common types of mold that may appear in their homes. As mentioned, there are thousands of different mold varieties, but some are much more common than others. Homeowners in Draper should learn how to recognize three mold types that are seen most often during mold removal experts perform mold remediation or removal jobs. 


When most people are asked to describe the appearance of mold, they are actually describing Apergillus. It is one of the most common types of mold found in homes across the world. It is easily recognized by its green color and cotton-like texture.  

It usually appears around air conditioning units or in bathrooms with poor ventilation. However, it can also grow on food in the refrigerator or cabinets. It’s important to note that although this mold is not toxic, it can create allergic reactions. It is especially known to irritate people with weakened immune systems or respiratory illnesses. 


Cladosporium is another reason many people find themselves needing mold removal. Draper, Utah homeowners can typically identify this type of mold by its greenish-black color. However, it can also come in olive tones, black, or brown. This type of mold is often found in bathrooms or other high-humidity rooms. 

Homeowners sometimes panic when they find this mold because they fear that it is black mold. However, this type of mold is not extremely toxic. Instead, it is another allergenic variety that can cause common allergy symptoms. The largest concern is for people with asthma, as it can trigger an attack.  


Most people refer to this type of mold as “black mold.” It is one of the most dreaded types of mold because it is known to be more toxic than others. Research is still being done to see how toxic it really is, but it is generally associated with serious symptoms.

Though homeowners might mistake other types of mold for black mold, the color isn’t the only identifying factor. This type of mold is commonly found in bathrooms or areas where there is excess moisture. Utah residents may see it in pipes, air vents, or basements. It can be wet and slimy, but it may also have a dry and powdery texture.

Contact Summit Restoration for Professional Mold Removal in Draper, Utah

The best way for homeowners to get an accurate identification of the type of mold in their home is to call in a professional. For an expert mold removal, Draper, Utah homeowners should reach out to Summit Restoration right away. Their highly trained experts know how to assess mold growth for the most accurate treatment options. 

To schedule an in-home inspection with one of their mold removal technicians, simply pick up the phone and give them a call. They are available 24/7 if you believe you have a mold emergency, or you can fill out their online quote form to request more information for less urgent matters.

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