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How Can I Protect My Family from Storm and Wind Damage?

How Can I Protect My Family from Storm and Wind Damage?

Big storms and heavy winds can be scary enough without the thought of storm and wind damage, and they can be destructive.  So how do you ensure your home and family can stay safe and weather major storms without damage to your property? Our guide will walk you through the steps of protecting your family and your home, even through the worst of storms.

Keep up on Repairs

Walk around the exterior of your house often and make sure you stay up on the repairs. Get your roof checked often by a professional, and make sure your fence is in-tact. Replace any loose boards or fence posts. Anything that is loose or broken before the storm is likely to get a lot worse during a windstorm.

Secure Items Outdoors

Unsecured items like trampolines, patios, bbq grills, and garbage bins can become a major hazard in a windstorm. When you know a storm is coming, head outside and secure any loose items, even if you think it’s heavy enough to hold itself down. Bring items inside if they’ll fit, and tie them down if they won’t. Park your cars in the garage, if you have one. If you don’t have a garage, make sure the vehicles are parked out of the range of any trees that could blow over.

Trim Trees and Bushes

Long, loose tree branches are responsible for a lot of storm and wind damage. You can help prevent a lot of that potential damage by keeping your trees and shrubs trimmed and removing any dead trees. Make sure all branches are kept well out of the way of power lines, you don’t want to deal with a fire or power outage on top of any other storm damage.

Check the Weak Spots

During a storm, the most vulnerable spots in your home are the roof, windows, doors, and garage. Check these areas frequently to make sure they are in good condition and take care of any needed repairs right away. During the storm, make sure doors and windows, including in the garage, are shut tightly and securely locked.

Make an Emergency Plan

Find a safe place in your home away from doors and windows. Keep an emergency kit with food, water, a flashlight, a first aid kit, and some blankets in the room. Make sure everyone in your family knows where to head when a storm hits. If you’re away from home when the storm hits, take cover in a safe place away from windows.

Summit Restoration Is Here to Help

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