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Types of Fire Damage and Cleanup Challenges

House fires are one of the most devastating causes of loss to homes. In addition to impacting the structure and contents of a house, they can also devastate the lives of those inside the home–both physically and emotionally. 

Fires are also one of the few incidents that can cause a wide array of damage. Though most people only associate these events with ash and rubble left behind by the flames, there are several other types of fire damage that must be approached differently in order to restore the property.  

Summit Restoration knows firsthand how diverse fire damage can be. Best of all, they have had experience with all of the different types of damage, so they know how to handle a fire damage restoration in Draper, UT and its surrounding areas regardless of the challenges. Keep reading to learn more. 

Structural Damage

The type of damage that most people associate with fires is structural damage. This damage usually comes from the flames themselves as they reduce building materials to ash and debris. The intense heat from the fire can not only cause walls to crumble, but it can also lead to a dangerous roof collapse. Many people are also surprised to find that fires can even weaken a home’s foundation. 

The level of structural damage can vary from one fire to another, but regardless, this type of damage creates many hazards and challenges. Homeowners and restoration crews have to use extreme caution when entering these buildings. They also must complete a lot of reconstruction work to restore the property to its pre-loss condition. 

Water Damage

While water might be the one thing that can save a home from burning completely to the ground, it comes at a cost. Many homeowners are often surprised by the amount of water damage that can occur after a fire. However, extensive firefighting efforts can leave many building materials completely saturated.

With this type of damage, there are two big challenges that must be dealt with. If the water sits in the house for longer than 24 hours, it may start to grow mold. It can also cause building materials to rot and deteriorate, which only worsens the structural damage. In order to mitigate water damage loss, it’s important that water restoration crews start the cleanup as soon as it is deemed safe to enter the property.

Smoke Odor and Soot

Even if the flames didn’t destroy the entire house, there are still secondary effects from the fire that can cause significant damage to property. For example, the smoke from the fire can spread throughout areas of the house that the flames never even reached. It can infiltrate belongings, the interior of walls, and any other nook or cranny that can be reached. The same can be said for soot.

Since the smoke can penetrate so deeply inside a home, it can seem nearly impossible to remove the odor. It can linger for years inside wood, drywall, and household contents that aren’t treated properly. Soot can also be especially difficult to deal with since it adheres so strongly to different materials. This damage also requires specialized cleaning techniques that are best performed by professionals.

Electrical and Mechanical Damage

Finally, homeowners must consider the fact that the intense heat of a hire can contribute to electrical and mechanical damage throughout the building. In some cases, the damage might be a small malfunction, but in major house fires, the electrical systems can fail completely. This is true for any mechanical system as well. 

How? The heat can cause wires to melt. It can also damage appliances and cause electrical circuits to short-circuit. When damage like this occurs, homeowners should never attempt to DIY the repairs. Electrical and mechanical damage make the cleanup process more dangerous because of the risk of shock, so it’s best that homeowners only let a professional electrician or restoration crew handle this part of the job. 

Find out More About How A Fire Damage Restoration Crew Can Help with Different Types of Damage and Their Challenges

If homeowners are feeling overwhelmed by all of the different types of damage and their challenges, they can find comfort in knowing that they don’t have to go through the fire damage restoration process alone. With the right team of professionals, they can reduce their stress and have their home back to its pre-loss condition right away.

To learn more about how these companies can help, customers should contact Summit Restoration right away. They can provide more information on their services, and they can even be contacted 24/7 for fire emergencies. Homeowners can also submit their online form to request a free quote.

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