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Common Causes of Flood Damage During the Summer Months

Common Causes of Flood Damage During the Summer Months

Now that spring is finally on its way, many people in Utah are looking forward to drier weather. In the summer months, it’s nice to get a reprieve from the extreme winter weather—especially after record-breaking snowfall, but there are still a few things homeowners need to worry about.

Even after all of the snowmelt has run off, there is still a risk of flooding in the summer months. However, the cause of that flooding can vary. There are many different instances and events that can lead a house to take on water.

Some of them are internal factors that homeowners can control, while others are naturally occurring external events. In order for homeowners to protect themselves from any event, they should learn more about the most common causes of flood damage during the summer months in Utah. 

Home Irrigation System Failures

Since summers in Utah are generally hot and dry, many homeowners install residential irrigation systems to keep their yards green. When they work properly, they can be a wonderful asset, but if the system has any issues, it can flood the property.

This might sound a bit extreme, but it’s easier for this to happen than many people realize. If the irrigation system is on a timer and runs while the homeowner is away, he or she might not realize there is an issue until someone returns home. 

Any water leaking from the system can build up around the foundation of the home and leak in through vulnerable spots. Even a properly functioning system can cause water damage if the sprinklers are pointed too close to the foundation. 

Extreme Summer Temperatures

Even a lack of rain and high temperatures can be a problem for homes in Utah. When the summer months dry everything out, the soil also dries. Eventually, it starts to split and loosen, which can cause pipes to shift as well. When the pipes become damaged, they can cause leaks around your home. This water can then work its way into the house through cracks in the foundation.

The cracked soil can also leave more of the foundation exposed. When it finally does rain, the water can fill in those cracks and work its way into the basement or foundation.  

Floods & Natural Disasters

The state of Utah is no stranger to flash floods. Though summer months are generally very dry, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a risk of heavy rainfall. Typically, a flash flood is caused by a period of heavy rainfall and can lead to fast-moving, high water. This type of flooding can make its way into homes in the area. 

Homes may also experience water damage from severe storms. If windows and roofs are damaged by wind, trees, or other objects, the interior of the home is susceptible to water damage and flooding as well.

Clogged Pipes

Another reason that some homes may experience flooding or water damage in summer months? The sewage pipes could become clogged. These pipes have a higher chance of getting clogged than any other plumbing in the house. Though this can happen any time of year, it’s important that homeowners inspect their sewage pipes every summer when it is easier to do so. 

If a pipe gets clogged, there is a risk of flooding or backup. Not only can this cause extensive water damage throughout a home, but it can also put the home in danger of contamination. Homeowners should use extreme caution when dealing with gray or black water damage.  

Damaged or Burst Pipes

Finally, it’s important to have all of the other pipes in the home inspected. The drastic temperature changes from hot to cold and back again put more pressure on plumbing in Utah homes than in other more moderate climates. As the pipes expand and shrink, they can start to become damaged and cause leaks that go unnoticed for days, weeks, or even months.

In more dramatic scenarios, a pipe could burst completely and flood a house in an hour. Though the water can be stopped when a homeowner is present, the most damage occurs when a pipe bursts while the homeowner is away at work or sleeping. 

Learn More About How to Deal with Summer Flooding Cleanups

Utah homeowners who want to know more about how they can handle water damage cleanup from summer flooding should contact Summit Restoration right away. Their team of highly trained contractors knows how to handle water damage of all types and sizes, and they are available for 24/7 emergency services. Customers should call them right away to request help, or they can submit the online quote form for less urgent matters.  

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