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DIY Water Cleanup Vs. Hiring a Water Restoration Company

When a property sustains water damage, any homeowner’s first instinct might be to try and clean it themselves. But what are there downsides of DIY water cleanup and restoration without the right experience or equipment?

Below, Utah’s Summit Restoration, LLC discusses why the cleanup of water damage might be best left to a professional service.


DIY Solutions for Water Damage Cleanup

While homeowners can perform DIY water cleanup, industry professionals do not recommend it for the many risks involved. Cleanup requires a special skill set and equipment to perform safely and thoroughly. Attempting to do it without these tools runs the risk of making the damage even worse and not doing enough to mitigate long-term structural damage or mold growth.

For example, a homeowner could easily neglect cleaning hard-to-reach areas or spaces they can’t see clearly. And standing water left to fester always leads to more expensive remediation services.

The Signs of Water Damage

  • Wet spots spreading on walls or ceilings
  • Increased water bills without known increases in usage
  • Visible mold and algae growth
  • Higher humidity inside
  • Bubbling or peeling wallpaper or wall paint


Tasks Property Owners Can Do Themselves to Mitigate Water Damage

If any of the above signs become noticeable, property owners will need to contact a professional for water damage mitigation and restoration services. However, while most water damage cleanup should wait for the professionals, homeowners can do several smaller things to mitigate water damage while they wait, such as:

  • If possible, remove vulnerable items from the affected area. Think of smaller furniture, photos, and other household decor.
  • Is the water source coming from broken pipes or plumbing appliances? Shut off the water main to stop the flow of water from entering the premises.
  • Open the windows and doors to dehumidify the room and dry up the flood water.
  • Lay down towels or absorbent materials on the carpet or floors to remove pooling water. 

Professionals will also place fans in the affected area to accelerate the drying process.


Professional Solutions for Water Damage Cleanup

Professional water damage cleanup is a detailed process that looks into every eventuality. These teams know the danger of underestimating water damage and cover every area during the cleanup operation. 

As per the health authorities, professionals will use three categories to describe the level of water contamination: 

  • Category 1 water damage: Clean water that carries little to no contamination, most often from sinks and showers.
  • Category 2 water damage: Contaminated gray water, such as cleaning chemicals from a dishwasher or washing machine.
  • Category 3 water damage: Highly contaminated black water, like raw sewage, that poses a health threat.

If property owners want to avoid mold and other issues, all three of these categories require professional intervention to ensure the cleanup covers every affected area in detail.


The Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Water Cleanup

Why hire a professional to handle restoration work over DIY efforts?

High-Quality Work

A professional service performs expert work that will solve the problem. Amateur work might come apart after a few months.

Save Time and Money

DIY water restoration efforts take time, and it is entirely possible to make the damage even worse through incorrect cleaning techniques. Hiring a professional saves that time because they can do it faster. It also saves money because they are less likely to make mistakes that need correction.

Warranty Protection

Working with a professional often provides additional warranty and labor protections. DIY work carries no such guarantee, and homeowners will be out of luck if repairs cause expensive damage or even injuries. With a professional warranty, the licensed and insured contractor assumes all the responsibility for failures and will fix things free of charge if something goes wrong.

How Long Does Professional Water Damage Restoration Take?

It depends on the scope of the damage. Restoration work can take as little as two days or several weeks. Serious water issues take longer to clean up and dry before the team can start fixing things.


Water Cleanup and Restoration Services in Utah

DIY cleanup efforts won’t go far and could end up costing the property owner more than just time and effort. So, don’t delay scheduling cleanup and restoration as soon as possible after water damage occurs. A team like Summit Restoration, LLC even offers 24/7 services so that local homeowners can schedule the help they need as an emergency happens.

Fill out a contact form online or call Summit Restoration, LLC at (385) 469-2638 today to learn more about our comprehensive water cleanup and restoration services in Utah!

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