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Top Benefits of Hiring a Professional Water Damage Company

When a home suffers water or flood damage, taking care of it as soon as possible mitigates the danger of structural damage or mold growth. Hiring a professional water damage company in Salt Lake City can help homeowners address multiple problems at once while solving any excess moisture problem quickly and effectively.

What Does a Water Damage Company Do?

Water damage issues affect multiple parts of a home’s structure, especially after dealing with a flood or burst pipe. Standing water in a home can contribute to mold development, structural damage inside the walls or foundation, or damaged electrical components that can start a fire or electrocute someone. A water damage company cleans up the standing water, assesses the damage, including hard-to-find damage, and provide prompt repairs to help homeowners remain safe and address any problems with flooding or standing water in their home.

Why Hire a Professional Water Damage Company?

Learn the benefits of hiring a professional water damage company from Summit Restoration in Salt Lake City, UT.

1. Efficient and Effective Water Damage Specialists

Professional water damage technicians understand that the best way to avoid long-term damage involves moving quickly to remove excess water. Water damage companies know that many types of water damage occur unexpectedly and at odd times of the day, offering 24/7 phone service just for those emergencies. If homeowners experience flooding after a storm, backed-up sewer line, or burst pipe, they can get help with just one phone call. When homeowners have a flood or other water emergency, water damage specialists work fast to prevent further damage or mold development in their home or belongings. 

2. Professional Experience with Water Removal Strategies and Equipment

Water removal requires much more than a stack of towels and some buckets. Water damage companies train their employees on the proper use of water restoration equipment and clean-up strategies to clear away water quickly and effectively. Some commercial-grade equipment used may include:
  • Wet-dry vacuums
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air scrubbers
  • Moisture testing equipment
By using their experience and professional equipment, water removal companies ensure the home remains safe and sound after a water emergency.

3. Assistance with Home Insurance Claims

Many homeowners want to use their home insurance to cover water removal and restoration costs, a smart move that requires gathering documentation and filing a claim with the insurance company. When homeowners work with a professional water damage company in Salt Lake City, they’ll have assistance from experienced specialists who know how the home insurance system works. Water damage technicians help homeowners document anything their home insurance needs and can help them understand their policy to avoid any confusion about what’s covered and what’s not.

4. Comprehensive Water Damage and Restoration Services

Working with a professional water damage company provides homeowners with many services from one business, removing the need to call multiple companies. In addition, homeowners will work with the same specialists from beginning to end, allowing them to feel more comfortable as the restoration work progresses. Some services included at water damage companies like Summit Restoration include:

Water Removal

Water damage specialists remove standing water using commercial wet-dry vacuums or pumps, then focus on drying out the space. Humidifiers and air scrubbers work together to draw moisture from the air, forcing excess water to come to the surface to leave the home clean and dry.

Mold Remediation

During water removal, technicians will also search for signs of mold and perform mold removal and remediation. Besides wiping away visible mold, they’ll also use specialized chemicals and cleaning methods to ensure that mold won’t grow back. In many cases, the water removal specialists can locate other potential causes of mold and let homeowners know so they can plan repairs or renovations.

Home Restoration Services

Especially after a flood, water damage specialists may have to deconstruct parts of a home to fully remove water and treat mold problems. The team will set aside any salvageable parts so that homeowners can re-use them after treatment, such as:
  • Tiles
  • Wall paneling
  • Carpeting
  • Hardwood floors
  • Cabinets
Anything reusable in a home reduces the cost of an insurance claim, helping homeowners save money and reconstruct the home they know and love.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Services with Summit Restoration in Salt Lake City

Whether due to leaky pipes or wet weather, Summit Restoration helps homeowners rebuild as the best water damage company in Salt Lake City. Experience combined with the highest quality of service possible makes Summit Restoration the company to contact after a water emergency. Call (358) 469-2638 for a free estimate on water damage restoration today.

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