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Why Hire a Sewage Cleanup Company Instead of Going DIY

Dealing with a sewage spill or backup causes contaminated water to flood homes, endangering everyone who lives there. Attempting to clean it up without professional equipment or knowledge puts homeowners in a dangerous situation where they could slip and fall, become sick, or cause more damage to their home. Learn why homeowners should hire a sewage cleanup company from the professionals at Summit Restoration in Salt Lake City.

What Is a Sewage Cleanup Company?

Sewage cleanup companies have specialized experience and equipment to deal with sewage spills or leaks. Whether from a home’s sewage waste line or a municipal wastewater line, sewage contains toxic bacteria that is dangerous to handle without proper protective gear. As with any standing water, sewage can drip down into a home’s structure and threaten its integrity. The water can also combine with the warm, hidden corners and spaces in a home, basement, or crawlspace to foster thriving mold growth. A sewage cleanup expert can remove dangerous waste and ensure the home is clean and safe.

Benefits of Hiring a Sewage Cleanup Company

  1. Quick Response Times: When sewage spills in a house, fast removal helps homeowners avoid disease and potential water damage. Sewage cleanup companies like Summit Restoration have 24/7 emergency lines that allow homeowners to reach out as soon as they notice backed-up or spilled sewage. A team of expert sewage cleanup technicians will arrive on the scene quickly and begin the cleaning process while homeowners stay safely away from the mess.
  2. Proper Sewage Removal Equipment: Mops, towels, and wet-dry vacuums aren’t enough to clean up sewage water. Sewage cleanup technicians use commercial-grade pumps, vacuums, and other specialized cleaning equipment that homeowners can’t find in their local hardware store. In addition, these technicians know where and how to properly dispose of removed sewage water to prevent others from contaminated water.
  3. Prevent Health Issues: Contact with sewage water exposes homeowners and others living in their home to dangerous bacteria that can cause illness and disease. Without the proper equipment, these pathogens can spread throughout a home and continuously infect the home and its residents. Professional sewage cleanup specialists combine specialized protective gear and equipment to safely remove contaminated water.
  4. Drying and Sanitization Process: Following the initial water removal, the next item on the list of critical sewage cleanup tasks involves full drying and sanitation. Sewage cleanup technicians will set up fans and commercial-grade dehumidifiers to dry out the affected areas. Once thoroughly dried, the cleanup crew will sanitize every inch of the space. In many cases, this step also includes any affected furniture or personal belongings. Clothing, toys, and other items contaminated with sewage may require special sanitization or disposal. Homeowners should trust sewage cleanup company technicians if instructed to throw away an item instead of attempting to dry and sanitize it.
  5. Water Damage and Mold Inspection and Treatment: Professional sewage cleanup technicians will conduct an inspection to understand the full scope of sewage water damage. If sewage water has infiltrated other areas of a home, those spots will also require cleanup and sanitization. IICRC-certified technicians cleaning these spaces will keep an eye out for mold development and provide remediation services if they find evidence of a colony. Once completing treatment, a second inspection ensures the home’s safety against future mold growth.
  6. Assistance with Home Insurance Claims: Calling a home insurance company to ask about sewage cleanup coverage can take a lot of time, especially if the problem grows to include deeper cleaning and mold remediation. A professional sewage cleanup company deals with home insurance claims every day. These professionals can guide homeowners in what they need to do to get the most out of their home insurance and assist them with collecting documentation and evidence to support their claim.

Call Summit Restoration for Sewage Cleanup in Salt Lake City, UT

Homeowners attempting to clean up a sewage spill put themselves in direct danger of multiple hazards, including slipping or contracting a disease or illness. Homeowners should protect their families and homes with professional sewage cleanup by Summit Restoration in Salt Lake City. These professional cleanup specialists know how to safely and effectively clean up sewage spills while ensuring a home’s structural integrity and protecting all occupants. Whether dealing with a sewage backup, burst sewage pipes, or sewage spill, trust Summit Restoration’s experienced professionals to clean, dry, and sanitize a home. We can also help homeowners navigate the confusing process of filing a home insurance claim. When homeowners need a professional sewage cleanup company in Salt Lake City, UT, contact Summit Restoration. Give us a call at (385) 469-2638.

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