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Home Remodel in Millcreek, Utah

Though water damage is certainly overwhelming, there is a silver lining to the disaster. The restoration process also gives homeowners the opportunity to make some updates to the house. Some people may choose to install a new flooring. Others might prefer to do a complete remodel! 

However, this is not a job that can be done without professional help. In order to guarantee beautiful and efficient results, it’s best that homeowners hire a water damage restoration crew. These professionals are trained and equipped to handle both the cleanup and the restoration. As a result, the process is much more seamless and less stressful.

Millcreek, Utah homeowners shouldn’t hire just any restoration company for the job. Instead, they should only seek a crew that is licensed and experienced. Case studies are an excellent way to verify a company’s experience with repairs and remodeling.

In fact, this particular job by Summit Restoration serves as a great example of the work they are capable of doing for their local customers. Keep reading to learn more about how this customer turned their water-damaged house into their dream home.

How the Home Remodel Project Started

A residence in Millcreek, Utah had experienced extensive water damage. It spread throughout several parts of the home, so the homeowner knew it would require major repairs. Rather than attempting to clean it up on their own, they decided to contact Summit Restoration. 

As soon as Summit Restoration received the call, they immediately prepared to respond. They came equipped to the property with all of the tools they needed to mitigate further damage and start the repairs.

When the trained professionals arrived on the scene, they started their assessment. This is a crucial part of the restoration process because it allows them to see exactly how far the water damage had spread. They used their tools to check moisture levels in walls, floors, baseboards, and other building materials. 

The results concluded that the water damage had impacted several rooms in the house. At this point, the homeowners started to discuss the possibility of completing a home remodel as part of the restoration.

Summit Restoration’s Plan to Renovate the Space

After Summit Restoration discussed the homeowner’s design goals. They were able to come up with a plan to update the: 

  • Basement
  • Kitchen
  • Exterior
  • And More!

Basement Remodel

Prior to the water damage, the basement had tile floors, and parts of it were unfinished. Some of the walls had outdated wood panels, and the space was dimly lit with basement ceiling tiles. The homeowner desired to achieve a more modern look, and they wanted to make the space finished and functional. 

As part of this remodel, Summit Restoration removed all of the outdated building materials and installed new drywall throughout. They also installed carpet all over the basement and replaced the old carpet that had gone up the stairs. The crew added finishing touches like new white trim and recessed lights. They even painted the fireplace brick black to give a more modern look to the space.

Exterior Updates

The homeowners also decided this would be the perfect time to do some updates to the exterior for more curb appeal. This process required several steps, but Summit Restoration was up for the challenge.

As part of this step, the crews renovated the garage. They installed new siding to match the house and replaced the door. For the home’s exterior, they removed the overgrown landscaping area, updated the chimney, and removed the outdated awnings above the windows. They even updated the porch area with paint, a new staircase, and darker trim around the windows.

Kitchen Renovation

The clients also requested several renovations in the kitchen area. Not only did they install completely new cabinets, but they also did a demo and moved a wall for more space. The white cabinets looked great with the new grey flooring, and the island created an open concept while still delivering on more counter space. 

The new countertops were also white, so the entire kitchen took on a more modern but still neutral look. The finishing touch was the addition of more recessed lighting. This brightened the space up even more.

Contact Summit Restoration to Start a Home Remodel in Millcreek, UT

The homeowners were thrilled with the results of the remodel and the service they received from Summit Restoration. If you would like to see for yourself how these experienced professionals can transform your property with a home remodel, contact them today. 

Customers in Millcreek can call to request more information on an in-home consultation. The company also offers a simple online form that homeowners can submit to request a free quote. 

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