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Ice Dam and Snow Removal in Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah is a popular ski destination for a good reason—the area gets a lot of snow. This 2022-2023 season set a new record with more than 450 inches of snowfall, and it’s not over yet! While this might be nice for those who prefer to spend more time on the slopes than in their homes, that doesn’t mean responsibilities can be avoided.

Unfortunately, with great snowfall comes great responsibility to remove that snow from the roof of homes. If snow is left to build up on top of houses, it can create ice dams, which may lead to extensive water damage inside the home. In worst cases, the roof may even collapse!  

Homeowners in Park City don’t have to deal with the challenge of removing snow and ice on their own. It can be incredibly dangerous, so it’s best to leave this job to a team of highly trained and experienced professionals. 

Though there are many people who may offer this service, homeowners should only choose a licensed company with proven experience. Case studies like this are great examples of how they can manage ice dams and snow removal. Keep reading to see the process Summit Restoration used for this house in Park City, Utah. 

The Problem Presented to Summit Restoration 

After several days of getting snow, a Park City home quickly found itself with a mounting problem. The snow had piled up several feet on top of the roof. The homeowners were not able to remove the snow safely on their own. For that reason, they reached out to Summit Restoration to see if their professionals could help.

As soon as Summit Restoration was contacted by the customer, they dispatched a crew to assess the situation. It was very obvious that there was a significant buildup of snow. Upon further inspection, the crews also discovered that ice dams had also formed. While ice dams can lift shingles and lead to water damage, the homeowners caught the problem before any leaking occurred. 

Therefore, Summit Restoration’s biggest job was to quickly and carefully remove several feet of snow from the roof. From there, they would address the ice dam and work to remove it so that no leaks would occur. 

The Process of Removing the Ice Dam and Snow Buildup

Ice Dam and Snow Removal

The contractors started the job by using a shovel to remove most of the snow from the rooftop. This step in the process was one of the most time-consuming, and it was very labor-intensive. All of the snow that had built up on the home was extremely heavy. In some spots, the snow piles were even higher than the entire length of the shovels used. 

Since there was ice underneath some sections of snow, the crew had to work carefully to ensure their own safety. However, they were able to work efficiently to get the job done right away. 

Hot Pressure Wash

Once most of the snow had been removed from the roof, Summit Restoration had to work on removing the ice dam. Ice dams build up when there is a period of thawing and freezing. Usually, they are hidden under the snow, so homeowners don’t realize they are there until they’ve already caused water damage.

Fortunately, Summit Restoration was able to address this problem right away. The company came equipped with a hot water pressure washer. The hot water was effective in melting the large chunks of ice that had formed on the shingles. This step saved them from having to chip at the ice with shovels, which could have damaged the roof. 

Preventative Measures

Finally, the restoration crew wrapped up the snow and ice dam removal by implementing some preventative measures. This step was crucial to ensure that the rest of the ice melted and that there was no risk of an ice dam recurring.

The contractors used a combination of rock salt ice melt and heat tape. They laid the salt down to keep the water from the pressure washer from freezing. The heat tape was also placed across the roof to prevent snow build-up and ice dams in the future.

Learn More About How Summit Restoration Can Help with Snow and Ice Dam Removal 

Homeowners in the Park City area might not be out of the woods yet when it comes to snow. Therefore, it’s important to keep Summit Restoration in mind. They are available by phone if customers need any emergency service. They also have a simple online form that locals can submit to request a free quote for their snow and ice dam removal services.

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