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Ice Dam Water Damage Cleanup in Suncrest, UT

Residents of Suncrest are no strangers to snow and cold weather. While it might be fun for those who enjoy winter sports, it can pose many challenges to homeowners. One of the biggest challenges is dealing with snow accumulation on roofs. It can be difficult and even dangerous to remove it, but when it builds up, it leaves a home susceptible to an ice dam. 

This may seem like a harmless occurrence, but ice dams can eventually lead to costly water damage in a home. Many times, homeowners don’t realize that there’s a problem until it’s too late. After serious damage occurs, they end up needing professional help for their ice dam water damage cleanup.

Fortunately, Suncrest, UT homeowners don’t have to look far for a team they can trust to handle this kind of job. Summit Restoration has plenty of experience with these cleanups. In fact, this case study highlights their recent experience helping a homeowner restore their home after an ice dam caused water damage. 

What is an Ice Dam?

Homeowners in Utah have probably heard of ice dams, but many don’t know exactly what they are. By definition, an ice dam is a ridge of ice that prevents proper runoff on a roof. They typically form at the edge of a roof and can span various distances. 

The ice then creates a dam by holding snow melt and rain from draining off the slope of the roof. The water captured by the dam can then leak into the home and cause significant water damage in the attic, walls, ceilings, insulation, and more.

What Causes an Ice Dam?

Ice dams are common occurrences out here where the climates experience a lot of snow and cold. Homeowners need to watch out for them when there is heavy snow followed by drastic temperature changes. Specifically, ice dams occur when a buildup of snow melts in the warm sunlight and refreezes at night when the temperatures drop again. 

After this cycle repeats for several days, the ice dam can grow larger, and it starts to trap more and more melted snow and ice. Eventually, this water can start to work its way underneath a home’s shingles. 

Summit Restoration Ice Dam

Ice dams most often occur in homes that have:

  • Excess Snow on the Roof
  • Gutter Clogged with Leaves, Sticks, and Other Debris
  • Down Spouts Blocked with Snow and Ice
  • Attics with Poor Insulation

The Dangers of an Ice Dam

When a home has an ice dam on the roof, it opens itself up to extensive water damage. In minor cases, moisture will enter the home and lead to mold and mildew growth in the insulation right below the roof. If the ice dam remains on the home for several days or weeks, the damage can grow.  

In worst-case scenarios, the water will infiltrate the house and start to show signs of damage to the ceilings and walls. It may also start to make household contents wet. If the water accumulates, it can cause the ceiling to collapse and leave a house filled with damaged building materials and wet insulation.

Unfortunately, for one homeowner in Suncrest, UT, that is exactly what ended up happening. Keep reading to learn more about this specific case the Summit Restoration recently worked on.

The Problem Presented to the Contractors

Summit Restoration received a call from a home that had suffered ice dam water damage in their child’s nursery. When the crew arrived on the scene, they found that the room had suffered significant damage. 

Not only did they have part of the ceiling fall in, but the ceiling fan was also barely hanging on. In addition, wet insulation had spilled into the room and covered the floor and the child’s things. The restoration crew carefully assessed the situation to look for more hidden water damage in the ceiling and created a plan to restore the house quickly and efficiently.

How Summit Restoration Can Help with Ice Dam Water Damage Cleanup

After Summit Restoration had completed the ice dam water damage cleanup, they were able to get the home back to its pre-loss condition. They had to dry out the roof, replace the insulation, install new drywall, and clean up the initial mess and the mess created by the reconstruction. 

At the end of the job, the Suncrest homeowners were relieved to have the nursery back in a safe and healthy condition, and they were appreciative of Summit Restoration’s fast response time.

Homeowners interested in learning more about how Summit Restoration can help with an ice dam water damage cleanup should call the professionals right away. They can also reach their experts by submitting an online quote form.

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