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I Highly Recommend Summit Restoration

“Flooding left my home of 25 years unrecognizable. It was heartbreaking. Luckily, I made the choice to call Summit Restoration. They were able to remove the water and repair the damage done to my walls in record time. Extremely satisfied. Thank you..”

Jason Rojas - South Jordan, Utah

I what an amazing experience. I am so pleased with Summit Restoration

“A neighborhood fire left half of my house rubble and the other half charred and stinking of smoke. We were able to get our property back in shape, but no matter what we did, the smell stuck around. Thanks to Summit, we can breathe easy again.

Debra Mitchell - Salt Lake City, Utah

I couldn't be happier with their work and professionalism

“Not only did Summit break down exactly what the mold was, but they also made me aware of the actual dangers it presented (I even learned a thing or two I didn’t know.) I’m happy to leave it to the professionals. ”

Kendra Blair - St. George, Utah